iiamo go

iiamo go

iiamo go is our self-warming feeding bottle made in Denmark. The first feeding bottle in the World that warms milk up to the recommended 37°C (body temperature) in about 4 minutes. No electricity, no cord, no limitations.

iiamo go can be disassembled completely making it very easy to clean. This reduces the risk of leftover or bacteria from the previous feast.

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It is recommended to hand wash iiamo go or sterilize it by boiling.

Please remember that iiamo go can only be used in the microwave if you change the stainless steel bottom with our new add-on kit, iiamo more, which is our flat bottom solution for easy and comfortable use when at home offering 380 ml servings

iiamo go is dedicated to parents with a spontaneous twist to life. Go visit your friends, go shopping with no stress, go to a café, go for a run, or go traveling. Avoid that long trip to the kitchen and back in the middle of the night.

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